With premium snow management by LaRosa, your Massachusetts employees and customers can arrive safe and on time, every time! Our competitively priced commercial plowing contracts allow property owners and managers to rest easy, knowing that our trained employees and large fleet of equipment will have them open for business, even in the worst weather.

Whether it is snow plowing, sidewalk service, liquid and granular de-icing, or snow melting and relocation, we have you covered. Contact us today for a complete snow removal assessment.

It’s Not Just Salt Anymore!

At LaRosa Landscaping we regularly research cutting edge materials and methods for snow and ice removal. One benefit is that we now mix all of our salt with a brewery byproduct that results in a longer melt down even in the worst snowfalls.

The benefits of our salt mix are:

Environmentally friendly

- Works at lower temperatures

- Can be used near wetlands

- Not harmful to carpeting and other interior surfaces

- Re-cycled byproduct of the brewing industry

- Transported via railcar for a low carbon footprint

We undertake the labor intensive process of mixing this product because we are serious about snow and ice removal.

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